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My 27 years of legal experience as both a defense attorney and a prosecutor will provide you and your family with the shield you need to protect you in your darkest crises.  

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I'm here to listen and obtain justice for you anywhere in the Greater Baton Rouge area and in every corner of Louisiana!

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Eileen and I are here to help you and your family! 

We and our young team of energetic staffers are dedicated to solving any crisis you are presented with and finding solutions. 

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I’m opening up my own private practice. Brock Law, LLC, in conjunction with running for District Court Judge. 

I want to thank Jimmy Manasseh and the entire team and staff at Manasseh, Gill, Knipe & Bélanger for all their years of support. 

I believe we did great work helping families in crisis during these years together. Any success I have had was due to the outstanding system designed by Jimmy to provide the best possible representation possible for these families.

I now hope to continue to provide clients the best representation I can and always maintain that service is the hallmark of our profession.

Call or text me any day of the week.  Holidays and after hours if you need to speak with me.  I'm here for your family!  (225) 999-1100.



Beau has been a practicing attorney for over 27 years.

He opened up Brock Law, LLC on May 4, 2019, to serve the needs of the public 

who found themselves and their families in a moment of crisis. 

Previously, he had been in private law practice with the law firm of Manasseh, Gill, Knipe & Belanger 

from January 24, 2011 until May 4, 2019.

His primary areas of private practice include litigation in complex matters of criminal law, 

environmental law & policy, DWI, family law and personal injury.

Beau has worked in public service at the local, state and federal levels for over eighteen (18) years which gives him the EXPERIENCE to understand and help you navigate through any crises the government may confront you and your family with, and will fight for you!

EXPERIENCE as an Assistant District Attorney

After graduating from the LSU Law Center in 1991, he began his legal career as an Assistant District Attorney with East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney's office during the Doug Moreau administration. During this course of work from October 1991 to March 1999, cumulatively, while handling over 2000 cases, he prosecuted fifty-three (53) felony jury trials without fail with sixteen (16) of his prosecutions resulting in mandatory life imprisonment sentences and three (3) death penalty sentences. He prosecuted sex crimes for five of these years, and was the only man in the sex crimes division of the office. In addition to his regular cases, he also prosecuted environmental crimes beginning in 1991, and was named the Environmental Crimes Chief for the office acting in that capacity from 1996 until leaving the office in March 1999.

EXPERIENCE in Federal Environmental Law

In March 1999, he began working for the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the Regional Criminal Enforcement Counsel (RCEC) for the Baton Rouge Resident office for EPA Region VI. In this capacity, he acted as sole in-house counsel in Louisiana for the enforcement of Federal environmental crimes, and worked in concert with EPA-CID agents in the investigative process. He was also appointed Special Assistant United States Attorney (SAUSA) on January 18, 2000, for a one (1) year term, in the Federal Middle District of Louisiana, and re-appointed SAUSA for two (2) other one-year terms extended until January 17, 2003, and worked on environmental criminal prosecution teams in the Federal Middle District during that time. He was also appointed SAUSA, in the Eastern District of Texas, in October 2007 through October 2008 on an environmental criminal case. He was appointed a Special Assistant District Attorney in Iberville Parish and seated and oversaw the first grand jury in state history to hear exclusively environmental criminal matters. 

Finally, he was appointed as a Special Assistant District Attorney in both Ascension and Lafourche Parishes.

EXPERIENCE with the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

Beau was appointed Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) by then incoming LDEQ Secretary Dr. Harold "Hal" Leggett, February 11, 2008, and re-appointed by his successor, Secretary Peggy Hatch, in January 2010. As such, he performed duties in environmental law and policy as a member of the Secretary’s Executive Staff and acted as a key problem solver for the Secretary and his/her staff. His areas of concern involved the breadth and depth of the entire agency and, at times, included project management and supervision of large groups of employees for specialized and limited terms when called upon by the Secretary. In particular, he was designated Hurricane Gustav and Ike Coordinator for the agency in handling non-Incident Command and control issues and hurricane debris management. He regularly coordinated with state-wide and locally elected officials, trade associations, and environmental groups in order to effectively communicate and implement the policies of the department. He managed the LDEQ-Criminal Investigation Division, and completely remodeled its organizational structure and renewed its integrity and mission capability. He led the planning and implementation of the inaugural LDEQ Green Business Expo in August 2010 which proved highly successful for our state.

On August 10, 2010, he was selected by LDEQ Secretary Hatch and appointed by Governor Jindal, to serve as Assistant Secretary for the Office of Environmental Compliance (OEC) at LDEQ. He was the point person for LDEQ on the Deepwater Horizon Response group and represented the department in meetings with the Attorney General’s office, Coastal Restoration and private attorneys. As OEC Assistant Secretary, he was responsible for administering the Civil Enforcement, Inspection, Emergency Response & Radiation, Underground Storage Tank and Remediation, and Assessment Divisions of LDEQ. In this position, he led several successful initiatives for the department such as the Municipal Sewer Assistance Program, Field Compliance Order Plan, development of a new complaint policy, the initiation of the "Cleanfields" program, and the "Green Thumb" application of the Louisiana Modernization tax credit for pro-active environmental emission reductions, in conjunction with the LED. As Assistant Secretary, Brock was responsible for managing a staff of 432 employees at LDEQ.

EXPERIENCE with Volunteer, Charity & Community Public Service

Beau has extensive experience in managing non-profit, volunteer and fund-raising activities. His leadership as Co-Founder and chief in organizing and creating the Aquinas League resulted in 13 years of successful organizational fund-raising of over 

$1 million dollars in net donations for numerous area non-profits, such as St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, 

Cancer Services of Greater Baton Rouge, Unlocking Autism, YMCA, and other charities. 

He has many years of service in our community in leadership positions focused on results and has served as President and Vice-President of the Sherwood Forest Civic Association, Member of the St. Thomas More Pastoral Council, Chairman of the Baton Rouge Bar Association Volunteer Committee, Chairman of the Baton Rouge Bar Law Day Committee, 

Executive Board of the Greater Baton Rouge Tennis Association. 

For over 20 years, he has been a youth sports coach at the YMCA, St. Thomas More, Sacred Heart, St. Luke’s Episcopal, and St. Alphonsus.

Beau is a frequent instructor for attorneys’ Continuing Legal Education (CLE) on subjects including professionalism, ethics, environmental law and policy issues, and criminal law.


J.D. Law – L.S.U. Law Center, 1991

B.A. History – L.S.U., 1988

Contact Information

(225) 999-1100

[email protected]


When you are arrested for DWI, your life changes.  I work to help you navigate through the dark hallways of confusion and indecision you will now face.  I can't guarantee a result in your case.  I work hard to get you and your family the best solution available only after we've reviewed all the facts and law your case offers us.

A Client's review of my services for DWI:

"Beau managed to get my DUI dismissed. I've had another lawyer for a DUI prior (Texas) and I can tell you some differences between the two: 1) Beau is very responsive. My other lawyer would always take a day or two to call me back. Every time I wanted to reach Beau he was either on the phone with me or called me back quickly. 2) Beau took the time to explain to me in detail all parts of the process so I felt comfortable going into court and exactly what was going to be taking place. 3) This should probably be first because it's most important (in my opinion.) Beau has a great relationship with the prosecutors. He treats everyone fairly, kindly, and with respect and you can tell the prosecutors (at least in my case) were familiar and friendly. I can't tell you how far that goes when you're looking to get a plea! My other lawyer tried to outsmart the prosecutors and generally speak down to them... Beau's method of treating them with respect and working together to find a solution seems to go a lot farther. All these things lead back to one conclusion which I put in the title. As a client who found him off a Google search - he comes with my highest of recommendations. I feel I really lucked out picking Beau to represent me."

Criminal Defense

I've handled every type of criminal case from shoplifting to murder.  Many clients I help suffer from grave addictions, and try through my efforts to do all I can to help them with their case and also with the root cause of their behavior.

A client's comments about my services for criminal defense:

"The day that I met my attorney was a day I will never forget. My parents hired him to help me with two charges while I was on felony probation. At this point in my life I was lost, broken, addicted to drugs, and I had absolutely no one. The only person I had was him!! I was on a probation hold and unfortunately I was not able at the time to leave the jail. Beau Brock came to the back of the courthouse where they were holding inmates for court. We spoke for a second and he said this to me, "if you just listen to me, do everything that I say... you will get through this and have a normal life." At the time I didn't know what to do or think. Here is this man, a stranger, telling me a drug addict that I could have a normal life. I was so aggravated at first because a normal life to me sounded like something that i was not able to poses. The time moved forward and I developed a personal understanding for everything that I needed to do. The time came for me to be released from jail, however, court appearances were still a must for the next couple of years. I continued to stay on the right track. I was no longer a addict. The agreements Beau Brock made to the judge for me helped me do exactly what he said he would do. He helped me recover. He helped me restore my faith in a society that I now was able to be a part of, Every court date things got better. It was because of the support from this complete stranger who now was a dear friend. Beau Brock changed my life. He gave me hope. He made me realize that mistakes can be fixed correctly by obeying the law. Our journey together is getting very close to the end. I am a reformed and recovered addict. I am a law abiding citizen that has a family, love, and support. The broken lost soul that I was can hold my head high now. I could have never done any of these things if it wasn't for Beau Brock and his team. If you want honesty, loyal, and a dedicated lawyer, you will be making a big mistake by not choosing him. I thank God for my new friend and attorney everyday. I am blessed beyond measure because Beau Brock believed in me when I didn't believe in my self. He fulfilled his promise and still to this day I have a great life!!"

Environmental Law

Civil & Criminal Representation

I have worked in environmental law my entire career beginning in 1991.  I've worked in private practice, for the EPA, the Louisiana DEQ, and prosecuted environmental crimes at the DA's office.

 Clients reviews of my environmental law work:

"I have worked with Mr. Brock on numerous occasions and find his morals and technical abilities to be unmatched. Mr. Brock's experience while working at the Dept. of Environmental Quality, combined with his experience in private practice, results in the efficient and cost-effective resolution of both large and small environmental matters. I highly recommend Mr. Brock and find that his goal is to resolve issues in the most timely and economical manner possible. His attitude regarding resolution of issues is refreshing and effective."

"Two years ago, my firm was accused of environmental/wetlands violations by the criminal investigation division of the EPA. We hired Beau's firm to represent us after receiving a federal grand jury subpoena requiring that we turn over all of our records pertaining to their investigation. Having never dealt with this type of thing before, I was completely overwhelmed. At our first meeting, my wife and I found ourselves in a room with three attorneys and a paralegal, all loaded for bear. Beau was very thorough in explaining the process to us, and prepared us for every possible outcome. He quickly familiarized himself with our case and took a proactive approach in dealing with our accusers. Not only was he concerned with the legal aspect of our case, but he also recognized what an emotional toll it was taking on my family and me. He and his staff made themselves available to us to answer all our questions and ease our minds. Beau was so attentive to us during this process, even coming to our office to meet with our employees. He listened to their concerns and answered their questions as well. Recently, Beau called me to deliver the good news that the EPA had decided to close its case against us. I don't know where we would be today if it hadn't been for Beau's expertise and attention to our case. We are forever grateful for what he did for us."

Victim Representation

As a former prosecutor, I have also been proud to represent victims of crimes.  I've been able to help victims of sex crimes 

and domestic violence  

A client's review of my services in victim representation:

"Meeting Mr. Beau as I call him, I came from a dark place that was imposed on me by a step parent that was evil. Being represented by Beau gave me courage to be the woman I am today he believed me and allowed me to speak against someone that was suppose to love me, he fought for me and another little girl to show that no one is supposed to take anything from you that you didnt give. Incest and rape is something you truly never get control of and then to see the abuser to continually go on with life, like what they did to you as a child is normal. Mr. Beau stood up for us both, the other young lady is not here anymore, but I know she is in heaven smiling on me with my new voice and on Mr. Beau for being a part of bringing one of the most evil crimes to light. This person is in jail for life, no parole. Yet again all through out my life Mr. Beau continued his encouragement I am a college graduate with a Master's degree and my passion is helping other children no matter what the issue. We can be successful, with an attorney like Mr. Beau the criminal remains just that the criminal. Yes a attorney is supposed to believe you, trust you, and fight for you, but Mr. Beau fights with along beside you. The best attorney he doesnt leave you once the case is over, he provides resources to remain successful, so any issues, criminal, sex crimes, etc he gives good back to society. I am one of the good society was given back."

Divorce, Custody & Protective Orders

There is no greater anxiety a family must undergo than the trial and difficulty divorce and custody disputes bring. Unfortunately, not all of these matters can be resolved and lawyers are needed.

 I am here to do all I can to help you through this hell and bring you to the other side.  


My client said this:

"I hired Beau Brock on the advice of my Divorce attorney regarding a restraining order. He met with me quickly and took his time to explain the law, the process, my options and exactly what I should do. He was very honest and very diligent on my behalf. I followed his advice to the letter and the restraining order was dismissed. I would highly recommend Beau Brock." 

Sex Crimes - Criminal Defense

I've represented numerous persons accused of sex crimes and possessing illegal sexual images.  My clients ages have been as young as 14 and some into their 60's.  This type of case requires experience and wisdom to resolve.  Many sex crimes, if convicted, require mandatory jail time with the offender deprived of any early good time release.  Sex offender registration is another hazard facing those arrested for these offenses.  I have handled these types of cases all over Louisiana.

Clients reviews of my defense work in their sex crime cases:

"I hired Beau to defend me in a case where most lawyers told me to prepare myself to serve jail time no matter if I was innocent or not. I was facing 2 aggravated felonies and a misdemeanor. My first time meeting attorney Brock he was as welcoming but professional as they come. It wasn't just a money grab for him. He took my case, did the work others didn't, defended my innocence, and now I get to raise my son as a free man because of the tireless efforts of attorney Brock and his firm. I can't thank this man and his firm enough for what he did in the name of true JUSTICE! Hiring Beau Brock in legal troubles isn't an option it's a must."

"After speaking with many Criminal Defense Attorneys, in the state of Louisiana,

Mr. Brock is, by a land slide, proved to be the most brilliant, knowledgeable, and sincerely amazing Criminal Defense attorney I have ever spoken with.

Immediately he was hired to defend my case from just the initial consultation. He possesses an outstandingly efficient & professional character, which he displayed to me in his extensive efforts of explaining legalities of law and communicating with me, even in late night phone calls;

Furthermore, he demonstrated most all of this via phone, before we even met at the initial consultation!

My charge was extremely serious; I truly saw no light at the end of this tunnel of my life, at that time.  However, Mr. Brock proved his diligence and demonstrated his vast knowledge of criminal defense law, as well as his expansive experience, in his practice, and having the support of the consultancy of an intensely, well-established Team of Trial Attorneys at his Firm.

I was not guilty for the charge I carried, and Mr. Brock proved this to the Prosecuting District Attorney in a court of law through substantial conversations and the administration of legal documentations, and I was found not guilty!

He surely crosses ALL the T's, and dots ALL the I's;

He did this for me for over an entire year, using his comprehensive skills & beneficent exertion, in defending my case, to prove my Innocence.

If you ever need the best, most brilliant, Criminal Defense Trial Attorney, I would most highly recommend consulting with Beau James Brock, "The Cadillac of Criminal Defense Attorneys".

I thank God for allowing me to cross paths with Mr. Brock.

Not only in witnessing his amazing attributes as a Trial Attorney, but also his genuine care for his clients' mental, and physical welfare, during the duration of the process.

Beau Brock is a truly blessed man of God.

I love him, as he has, by the Grace of God, brought me from rock bottom, to the liberty of having the sky as my limit once again!

"For if God is with us, who can be against us"? (Romans 8:31)

Thank you Beau,

for saving my life, through God's good graces, and pulling me out of the hell of darkness.


God Bless you Mr. Brock!"

Success - What our customers are saying

I couldn't recommend Mr. Brock more. I needed a lawyer and I needed a lawyer fast. I was in the WORST days of my life and it was the weekend - a holiday weekend! Finding any lawyer was hard, but finding an experienced lawyer who had the skills and dedication to fight in an instant? I thought that impossible, until I hired Mr. Brock. He took my case, jumped into action, and WON. All with NO time to prepare and time being of the essence. Then he personally hand delivered the paperwork. He even called to check in on my family and I after all was said and done. I will definitely call him if ever I need a lawyer who is on my side and ready to WIN!!


Success - What our customers are saying

I hired Beau Brock to defend a friend of mine in a felony charge. Throughout the process Beau and his staff were readily available either by phone or email, supportive and helpful with all my questions. I’m still shaking my head as to how fast Beau was able to get the charges dismissed and we were able to put this ordeal behind us. Not only is he an outstanding lawyer, he is also compassionate about your situation. Hands down…the only lawyer you should be using in Baton Rouge or the State of Louisiana is Mr. Beau Brock…period!


Success - What our customers are saying

Beau Brock helped me with a teenager who had got into trouble with his friends. He was so wonderful working with the young people and explaining to them how the law worked and what they needed to do to stay out of trouble as well as protect themselves. He kept everything confidential and was a wonderful teacher and attorney. I will never forget what he did for those kids. I recommend him to everyone I know. Beau Brock knew exactly what to do and made certain things were done very quickly. Thanks Mr Brock!


Success - What our customers are saying

If you've ever found yourself in trouble with the law.

One of the first things that run through your mind is, do I really

need to hire a lawyer. Well unless you are one, the answer is most

likely YES. What you don't know will come back to bite you.

I spoke to a few Lawyers and they seemed ok, but when I spoke with Beau he calmed me down and explained the process I would be going thru. I hired him and it was one of the smartest things I've done. The out come was way better than expected. You won't regret hiring him. Take care


Success - What our customers are saying

My family has never been in need of a lawyer before, but it was no coincindence that God directed us to Beau Brock. We hired him to defend my husband who was arrested on 2 felony counts. Beau not only exceeded our expectations in successfully accomplishing what we hired him for, but beyond that he was a friend and a help in time of need. If you do exactly what he tells you to do, then you couldn’t place yourself in better hands. Our outcome resulted in the best possible news as the D.A. rejected the charges and my husband is home with his family. I hope that we are never in need of a lawyer again, but if so, then Beau Brock is my first choice. Thank you, sir, for a job well done!!


Success - What our customers are saying

I am so happy that i chose Mr. Brock as my attorney. I was falsly accused of online crimes and there were many charges against me. Due to some other hacker, i was actually a victim of identity theft and I was also falsly arrested from Massachusetts and was brought to Louisiana. The police officer who arrested me was actually a victim of the case and there was a huge conflict of interest and the whole case was a mess. Mr. Brock was very very helpful during the whole process of my case, explained everything very clearly to me from the very start (said that the case might be very long and i need to be prepared to face anything) and even when I lived all the way in Massachusetts, he was always available to talk on the phone. He was very helpful till my case was completely over and even helped me tell my story about how unfair my case was by contacting the local media and asking for an interview. He went above and beyond to prove my innocence and clear my name and i cant thank him enough for that. So if u are debating on hiring a lawyer, turst me, u cannot go wrong with him



When you are at your most vulnerable, you can count on me to work for you and your family.  My experience and my ability to find solutions when everything seems bleak, is why you call me.  I never guarantee a result, I only promise I care, I sweat for you, and I'll fight for those you love.

Call, text or email me for an appointment!